Random Choice Wheel

Spin the wheel of destiny



The Random Choice Wheel

Say goodbye to difficult decisions with our amazing Random Choice Wheel.

Struggling to choose who wins? Who goes first? Who gets the last cookie? Who gets the window seat?

Let the wheel decide.

Our customizable wheel spinner is easy to use, and perfect for any situation – choosing winners, settling disputes, picking names – the possibilities are endless.

Spin The Wheel

Enter your choices in the first column (one choice per line) then press the big green ‘Go!’ button to spin the wheel.

The wheel spins at random speeds every time. Watch it rotate and land on your random choice.

Random Name Picker Wheel

Picking names with this randomizer is easy.

Perfect for groups, games, or any time you need to pick someone or something randomly.

Enter your name choices and give it a spin!

Yes or No Wheel

Customise your choices to turn the wheel into a Yes or No decider.

Or use this link: randomchoicegenerator.com/random-choice-wheel/?names=Yes,No

Simply enter Yes and No in the choices box on separate lines, then hit ‘Go!’ to make your decision.

Pick Random Winners

The wheel works really well for your Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or Twitter prize draw.

To reveal your winner, paste your list of contestants into the choices box and click ‘Go!’.

Check your list before spinning the wheel. Each entry must be on a different line.

Random Trivia Quiz

Fun for school kids of all ages, teachers and parents.

Create a list of random questions, names or subjects then type or paste into the generator.

Everyone in the group can take turns to spin the wheel and receive a random question to answer.