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Generate Random Choices

Making choices is easy with our handy Random Choice Generator tool.

Whether you need help with your decision making, picking deciding winners and losers, or selecting random words, we have you covered.

Let randomness guide you.

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Here’s a few ways the Random Choice Generator can help you:

Random Selection

It’s perfect for making random selections.

Let the tool select your next adventure, movie, or task. Input your options and embrace the unexpected.

Discover new paths and take a chance with the thrill of randomness.

Random Chooser

As a random choice maker it simplifies life’s tough decisions.

Can’t decide on dinner or what to wear? Input your dilemmas and let the tool choose for you.

Ideal for groups or solo adventures, it pushes you to try new things effortlessly.

Random Choice from a List

Set up your own list, one item per line. Hit ‘Go!’ and the Random Choice Generator will do the rest.

Watch as it randomly picks options from your list, making decision-making effortless.

Choose Random Words and Names

Choosing random names or words is easy-peasy.

Add your list to the first box, then hit the big green ‘Go!’ button.

Perfect for games, activities, or any time you need to pick something from a list randomly.

Random Decisions

Sometimes in life we need help making decisions. Thats why we built the Random Choice Generator.

Simply list your options in the first box, then let fate decide.

Random Pick Generator

Need a fair pick? RCG provides fair and unbiased selection, from games to work tasks.

Perfect for teachers, trainers and gamers.

List your choices, hit ‘Go!’, and let the generator make the pick with a dash of excitement.

Pick a Winner

Pick random winners (and losers!) for your contest, competition or giveaway.

The generator works really well for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or Twitter contests.

Eliminate arguments and favoritism with a truly random decision.

  1. Copy and paste your list of contestants into the first box.
  2. Check your list before running the generator. Each entry must be on a different line.
  3. Hit ‘Go!’ and your winner will be revealed.
  4. Hit ‘Go!’ again to pick 2nd, 3rd, 4th places.

Random Trivia Quiz

Fun for school kids of all ages, teachers and parents.

Create a list of random questions or subjects then paste into the generator.

Everyone in the group can press ‘Go!’ and receive a random question to answer.

Endless random fun!